Be Nice Campaign


There’s a quote I really love that says that revolution can’t be planned.

The images are from a silent discussion on bullying which took place during a meeting of a high school poetry group.

The members of this group, myself included, are working on a Be Nice Campaign to promote, well, niceness. We can all do more than just avoiding being cruel; we can actively work to increase the kindness we show to others and to ourselves.

This isn’t just about bullying, though that’s one set of circumstances we want to surmount. This is about encouraging people. This is about reminding the world of the human capacity for goodness.

Less than fifteen people- for now- and our social media, but we want to change the world.

This blog is my contribution to the campaign. I can’t take credit for the initiation of the idea, just the continuation, and I would be ecstatic if other bloggers picked this concept up and ran with it.

By simply being nice, we have the power to overtake the negative sides of schools, the internet, and humanity in general.









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